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Annual Maintenance Packages

Annual Maintenance Packages

Zenith marine have the ability to organise and undertake all aspects of the works required on an annual basis. This starts from liaising with your preferred yacht marina to arrange lift-out and storage of your vessel and undertaking the following services:


  • Liaise with desired yards.
  • Arrange professional skippers to deliver and return your boat to the yard.
  • Liaise and organise other approved companies to undertake engine/electrical and other services.
  • Provide a full PDF report of all work completed to have with your vessels history.

Above waterline services:

  • Machine polishing packages.
  • Routine washdown packages.
  • Glass polishing.
  • Stainless polishing.
  • Teak cleaning.

Below waterline services:

  • Antifouling Packages.
  • Metal work machine cleaned.
  • Seacock servicing and checking.
  • Anode replacement.
  • Thruster blade servicing.

We will supply you with an in-depth PDF report including images of the annual maintenance services undertaken. This can be kept as part of your vessel’s maintenance record to ensure asset value protection.

See below for an example of a report.

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